Group Learning Sessions (EAL)

Corporate Workshops

Horses are social animals and have feelings and behaviors much like our own. They form a team, the function of which is to provide for the thriving and survival of the team members. During corporate retreats, participants are given the opportunity to assess patterns, behaviors and attitudes. What does not work at the office, will not work at the ranch. In fact it will be amplified and played back by the horses. Participants will have the opportunity to discover and practice alternative methods of functioning as a team and are given the chance to see each other in a “new light”. Feedback that may be difficult to hear from other team members, or even consultants, can be received more openly and efficiently when provided by the non-judgmental horses. When new, improved behaviors are displayed, the horses give immediate, positive feedback. They do not hold prior behavior against the participants. The experience is fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Community Groups

The six core Power Tools are presented in sessions, which can be customized as to length, to groups such as schools, after-school programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, and church ministry teams. The acquisition of these core emotional health tools gives the participants the opportunity to recognize and appreciate their best self, perhaps for the first time. Participants are simultaneously challenged to use these new “tools” to stretch and grow emotionally by applying these principles to their own every day experiences. This program facilitates the rapid attainment of social and emotional intelligences that empower participants, giving them a fresh sense of self and a renewed belief in their own ability to effect a positive impact on their current and future lives.