Our Programs

There are two main facets of Horsepower, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Equine Assisted Growth and Learning (EAL). Both facets are based upon statistically significant research, which we have conducted, that support the evidence based premise that horses strongly facilitate core life skill acquisition. These core life skills, vital to living a successful, purposeful life, include what we refer to as Power Tools:

Respect   Responsibility   Relationship skills   Boundaries   Empathy   Choices and consequences

The experiential discovery and application of these “power tools” are the cornerstones of both the EAP and EAL programs. The equine activities, challenges and support are varied and tailored to each group.

Emotional intelligence and psychological well-being are the targeted objectives of each group. Emotional intelligence includes self-awareness, self-motivation, emotional regulation, the ability to read the feelings of others and work in group settings. Emotional intelligence has been documented in extensive research to reduce bullying and violence and raise attendance and GPAs in schools. Emotional intelligence has been found to be preponderantly important to emotional well-being and to life satisfaction and success.